With the changing time, fashion is gaining more and more priority in the lives of men. Fashion has become as important to men as it is to women. Fashion trends for men are also changing at a rocket speed. Nowadays, it has become extremely essential for men to change their wardrobe with fresh, innovative and latest fashion trends.

The Trendsetters


The 1970s floral trend came again into the market three years ago and it shows no sign of slowing down in 2021 also. Floral prints can be found in shirts,trousers,tshirts and is mostly preferred by teenagers.

Vertical Stripes

Vertical stripes are every man’s wear because they look elegant and simple. These make you appear slimmer, taller and younger.

Mid-Wash Denim

If there is one thing that’s never out of fashion, it’s the denims? The dark or raw denim looks casual and goes with almost everything.

Warm-Weather Layering

This can be trendy if used cleverly. Swap out the heavy outerwear for lightweight jackets and overshirts worn over plain tees, polos or summer-ready shirts. Remove them if it gets too hot. Then simply tie them around your waist, shoulders or torso to retain the style without the added warmth.


Whether its oversized suiting or wide-leg trousers, pinstripes were everywhere. Single breasted is a classic option of pinstripe suits.


Checks are always trending in some way, shape or form. There are countless ways to work these patterns into your daily wardrobe, but one of the simplest is in the form of a flannel shirt.

WFH Cosiness

With the pandemic and work from home culture, socks & ‘stocks, hoodies, slouchy overshirts, drawstring pants and loose-fitting tees are becoming a fashion. This is the kind of clothing that goes with pyjamas and offers comfort but won’t get you sacked if you have to attend an impromptu Zoom call with your boss.

To become a trendsetter and style icon, it is extremely important to change yourself with fashion. Not just changing the clothes gets you there. It is also necessary to change accessories, shoes and hairstyles accordingly. Changing yourself with the latest fashion trends will help you to keep up with fashion times. What more does one want, right?